Crazy about iPhone 5…

Lars 雕的小南瓜 / 即將送出的玩具/ 午餐是番茄生菜沙拉
Mika 隨便畫/ Mika 的早餐/ 午睡片刻
晚餐想吃冬粉/ 喜歡的玩具車/ 藍梅麥片早餐
我的兔兔/ 萬聖節應景的南瓜/ 一頭的泡泡


I know…I know…not sure this is good or BAD…since I got my first, ever (well, was sharing my hubby’s iPhone for years) iPhone 5, I got so hooked.  Taking pictures with iPhone all the time…that is good, right???  But, no more old film camera???   Oh, nooooooo, that is not good….

Hope this iPhone fever will be over, or calm down a bit soon…


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