Summer time inside greenhouse

夏天太熱,尤其是最近這幾天真的是熱到連門都不想出。一方面怕曬,一方面就是一個字 – 懶!可是也沒有辦法一直關在家裡吹氣,兩歲這麼好動的 Mika 待在家裡也煩,和媽媽大眼瞪小眼的無聊透了。決定到家裡附近的花卉養殖場走一下。

I  can’t believe how hot it is these days…with this super duper bright sun, it is the best light source for cross processing…
I am going to have fun with my Lomo LC-A +

Shot with expired (10+ years) Fuji film…not sure if the film is still all right or not…
I love shooting with expired films, so unpredictable…that is fun part!
Color might shift way too much?
Maybe there is nothing coming out at all…
…but it does free me from thinking too much when shooting…
…don’t think, just shoot 😉

shot around noon, inside greenhouse…

I love to shoot inside greenhouse…
Greenhouse rules…Not only staying away from the heat, greenhouse also provides us this beautiful diffused lighting…

這裡帶了輕便的 Lomography 相機 LC-A+ ,過期大概十年的底片,用正片負沖的方式。玩過期時幾年的底片,因為不知道結果會出現什麼顏色,也許什麼都照不出來,反而沒有負擔,心裡有一種好奇,好期待。

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