love Happypuffs…

已經兩歲了,還是最愛 happy familyHappyPuffs…從八個多月吃到現在的零嘴…這 Puffs 不是專門給小寶寶吃的嗎?


為什麼喜歡 happy family 的 HappyPuffs 呢?喜歡他的食材簡單,有機,無添加任何糖,油,和看都看不懂的化學成份。

Two years old…still in love with his HappyPuffs…snacking, snacking and snacking…
Mika has been snacking puffs since 8 months old…I thought puffs is only for babies 😉

I love HappyPuffs too…

Why love happy family 的 HappyPuffs?
They are organic, gluten free (Sweet potatoes, and strawberries ones), no added sugar…all natural ingredients (the less ingredients listed on food labels, the better, and less processed)


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