Lomo LC-A fun…

Mika 也愛 Lomography 相機。是在 Chelsea 的 Lomography gallery store 裡面拍的。
Shot Mika with Lomography camera at Lomography gallery in Chelsea when we were in NY…

又是 Lomo LC-A,幾個月前照的,前幾天剛剛拿回這捲底片…我都已經忘了有拍這麼一張。但是,這也是拍攝底片的迷人之處,再次驚奇!



I know, Lomo LC-A again…I am totally in love with this camera these days…I have this camera for couple years now…these days, I am totally crazy about this little wonder again…maybe because it is so light that won’t break my back (and neck), and small that easy to carry around???

Toddler…yes, walking, running wherewhere…and no rules is their no 1 rule 😉  I am not interested in carrying huge camera around my neck and chasing after Mika..here comes LC-A…Lomography LC-A comes to rescue!!!

I used to wait till I have 10 or more rolls before I drop them for processing/scanning…totally forget what I have shot, what on each roll…on the way to pick up these rolls, I will be so excited…like christmas time…Christmas comes early in July…


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