Lomo LC-A fun…

就說我旅行的時候,一定要帶到的相機 非得是 Lomography 的 LC-A 不可。

上回在紐約的時候,是冬天。又冷又凍的。在外走動的時候,一層一層的衣服包的整身像團肉粽。一進到室內,又得一層一層的脫掉。一穿一脫,自己都忙的手忙腳亂了,又得顧到 Mika 穿穿脫脫的。外加身上帶著大包小包 Mika 的尿布零嘴,這種非常時期,我可沒有那種精力顧到自己的相機大包包了。
旅行的時候,愈輕便愈好,這時,Lomography 的 LC-A 就是我的首選。

在紐約的時候,參觀了著名的 博物館 American Museum of Natural History。這是 Mika 第二次來到這個博物館。第一次時,只有八九個月吧。第二次時,十九個月了。可以看得出 Mika 對這些展出越來越興奮,可不是,連我這麼個大個兒都像個小朋友一樣,東跑西跑的,又上又下的一直拍照拍個不停。


來到紐約,American Museum of Natural History 真的是個一定要造訪的景點之一。

When I travel, I love to have my Lomography LC-A with me…

Last time in New York city, it was winter.  It was super cold…prepared and dressed well in layers, we had so much fun walking around town. We visited American Museum of Natural History .  This was the 2nd time we took Mika here (1st time was around 8 or 9 months old)…I could see Mika really got it this time.  He was so into all kinda animals now…

Trying to chasing after this little guy…no way I wanted to carry my big, heavy camera bag with me…but, problem solved with Lomography‘s LC-A.  So in love with the little camera.

American Museum of Natural History  is such a wonderful place to take your little ones here…so much fun.  And of course, for all photography lovers as well…best lighting in every single display!


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