Lomo LC-A fun

…懶得帶大相機出門,就隨手拿 Lomo LC-A 趴趴走了!

真的是愛極了 Lomography 的相機 ,尤其是這款機型。小小的不佔空間,輕輕的可以放口袋。是個很適合外出旅行的隨身相機。

也許是因為 Lomo 相機的呈現是不能百分百預測的,也或許是因為這捲過期好幾年的底片,每次按快門都又期待又怕受傷害。一整天都超 high 的,興奮極了!

最近,Lomo 真得是我的最愛了!

I am so lazy these days…not sure if there is something to do with weather…so lazy to carry huge camera around my neck, Lomo LC-A is my best choice around the town these days…
Have I told you how much I looooove Lomography‘s products, especially LC-A camera. So light, and small that will fit in my pocket.  It is really the best “to go” camera.

Why I love my LC-A so much…maybe because Lomo is so not predictable, maybe I am using this expired film…I am so nervous but also so excited as well…just like a little kid at a candy store…
Or maybe it is a toy camera…I care less about all kind of rules…I feel free…

I love Lomo LC-A…

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