What Mika ate…

I love breakfast…love, love, and more love…
…my favor meal of the day I have to say…I am so looking forward to my breakfast…oatmeal, and green juice are my two favorite…

…and I am happy that Mika loves oatmeal and green smoothie 😉

I know lots toddlers having trouble get down their veggies…but, there are always tricks that parents could do…I did a post on some tricks I do earlier..and I apply on our breakfast too 😉

Today, we are having green smoothie…and you know, I am addicted to kale…so, of course, kale will be on the menu…
…and yes, it is GREEN!

Banana Kale green smoothie

ingredients: banana, kale, apple (optional), unsweetened almond milk (from Trader Joe’s) or flax milkChlorella or  Spirulina (optional) and frozen Berries
I rotate, and use different berries each time (selection of mix berries – blueberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries)
if the taste is too GREEN, or it is baby’s first time trying green juice, you might want to add couple dates to sweeten the “veggie” taste…


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