at Doctor’s office

got this picture back from photo lab…shot with Lomo LC-A toy camera.  I looooove the camera…so light to travel with…so much fun…and so unpredictable…..

at doctor’s office for Mika’s 18 months old check up…just couple months ago…but, why I feel so long ago…

I know, children fear different things…depends on their age. But, this soon…afraid of seeing doctors…
Remembered at Mika’s 15 months old check up, he cried  as soon as we entered the exam room (exam # 2 room), and cried even harder when Dr. Shadab (by the wya, I looooove Dr. Shadab…the best pediatrician ever) came into the room.

Wow, what’s going on…growing up pain…so aware of everything around him now…

Suddenly, out of no where, Mika is scared of seeing doctors…afraid of being at doctor’s office…maybe I should get Ryan’s room role play my doctor kit 😉

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