Got milk…

Breakfast time…

Got milk….the “looks like milk” antibiotics prescription

Mika got rash around his neck, back and upper chest…went to see doctor and found out he had sore throat…What…rash and sore throat…what flu virus is this…no fever, no running nose…no cough…

I can’t believe this…went to a 2 years old birthday party, 2 days later, here came the flu virus…and antibiotics for 10 days…I didn’t see this coming…I didn’t notice any sick kids and babies at the party…

I hate antibiotics…


One thought on “Got milk…

  1. You don’t get antibiotics for viruses, you get them for infections as antibiotics have zero implications against viruses which have completely different properties than bacteria, which is what antibiotics are prescribed for. Antibiotics should never be taken due to a cough, cold, or flu… maybe you are mistaking the diagnosis? If, however, you did receive antibiotics and you are correct in what the diagnosis was then you should change doctors. It is extremely dangerous to take antibiotics in a situation in which it is not warranted.

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