Running naked…

Am I crazy or what…do babies and kids like to run around the house naked???  or only Mika….

“Mika, it is cold these days, let’s put your cloth on…”

“No No”

“Look, there is a teddy bear print on your shirt…”

“No No”

“Mika (raising my voice a little), it is cold…mama doesn’t want you to catch cold…”

“No No”

“You don’t like this shirt???”

“No No”

“Oh, mama knows…how about this with spider man…oh…red shirt…you like red, right…”

“No No”

“O.K. then, no shirt…just tell mama when you want to have your shirt…”

“No No” (what???  maybe he just likes to say No No, but, doesn’t mean No….)

Don’t catch cold…Is it summer yet….


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