Pink sunglasses

I know I know…it is Barbie sunglasses…and it is PINK…

playing with dolls, mama’s high heels…and PINK sunglasses…over cars, blocks…and I am happy to see this.  Going beyond typical ” boys” play/toys…pretending to be like mama every once in a while is not going to change his gender, or make him anything…but a playful, and imaginative baby/child…

Is there raising boys and girls differences in physical, emotional development…I wondering when they will begin to identify themselves as a boy, or a girl??? Mika is 19 months old now…does he know the difference…does he begin to identify with others of their sex/gender???

He is trying to copy his mama…I wears glasses, high heels…and I do like PINK…

I do know, Mika has tons of energy…physically aggressive and impulsive sometimes…he likes cars, likes to run, jump (well…he was so excited when we were in New York…hotel room might be totally new to him???  Running and jumping around the bed…of course, flying out of the bed to the floor.  Big pump on his forehead)

I have to say, Mika’s motor skills tend to develop super well…I mean, excellent 😉

…just love to see him here sitting next to mama…take a break…slow down a little…play some girly, girl’s stuff…

…and yes, every once in a while 🙂


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